How to register?

Our readers will have free access to our 'Digital Library' for three months, from April to June 2020, featuring over 6 million eBooks and electronic resources in more than ten languages. ⠀

You can register at any of the way shown below:


Or by clicking here.

To complete the registeration, follow the steps below:

1. In the Library’s catalogue page, Click “Log in” then click "Signup” :

2.  Fill in the required fields and click “Register”, you will then receive an email with a verification link:


3. Open the email and click “Activate account”. The activation link will take you to the login page, enter your email and password to login:


4. Once you log in click on “E-Resources” from the main menu. Read the rules and regulations then click “Accept” to move to the next page:
5. Fill in the required fields and upload the required files (image of National ID and personal photo):
Note: if you are from another country and do not have an Emirates national ID you can fill the Emirates ID field with any 15-digit number and upload your passport instead of the National ID.
6. Once done from filling the information, you will recieve an e-mail confirming your membership upgrade. Congratulations, you have obtained your smart membership:

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