Public Library organizes “Family and community cohesion” session

Date: - Nov 04, 2020

Sharjah Public Library in Wadi Al Helo, affiliated with Sharjah Book Authority (SBA) organised on Tuesday, a virtual session entitled “ “Family and community cohesion” , presented by Salem Al Nar, Former member of the Federal National Council, aimed at shedding light on the importance of the family cohesion and the need of building perfect and influencer families in the society.
Salem Al Nar began his session by extending his warm greetings to UAE’s leaders and citizens on UAE Flag Day occasion , emphasising its prominent role in strengthening relations among family’s members.
The former member of Federal National Council shined light on the family as the cell of the society, in which the process of progress in the country begins its march form it.
Al Nar proclaimed that the family is the first stone of the societal development that we are witnessing today, but we must be informed that the family’s condition today is different from what it was in the past, due to the difference in life and its circumstances. He stated that the life style of the families nowadays is different because everyone is busy with their work and their social media platforms through which it imposed radical transformation in the social relations. 
Al Nar concluded his session by underscoring the importance of adopting original customs and rejecting extraneous appearances in society, stressing the need for adopting honesty as a standard for dealing with all family members in order to establish a perfect new generation.