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Date: - Mar 11, 2021

Al Nuaimi introduced many concepts that dealt with transforming challenges into opportunities, along with ways to resist negative ideas and the causes of failure, and the mechanism for setting basic rules that would lead to excellence in all aspects of life.

Al Nuaimi highlighted at the beginning of the session that positivity is a necessary factor to reach success, especially in light of the conditions that the world is going through due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Al Nuaimi continued that the situation needs a lot of positive thinking, stressing that the mechanism for implementing ideas, projects and visions needs training, practice, along with learning and determination to reach great results.

Al Nuaimi stated that there are many obstacles regarding the implementation of ideas, the most important of which is making excuses and waiting for the perfect start. 

During the session, Al Nuaimi presented the concept of a "learning plan", which includes many questions, which saves a lot of time and effort and ensures maximum effectiveness, as well as clarifying the approved practices and ready-made models. 

Al Nuaimi touched on the importance to setting goals and tasks, pointing out that we must not underestimated it as a tool for measuring management. 

He added that passion and persistence lead towards achieving ambitions, but there is importance in paying attention to small and daily exhausting and tiring details, and this is what makes us say that success is not only the establishment of a project, but rather continuity, stability and gradual rise to challenges.

The session witnessed the outlining of number of other ways that could help in achieving excellence and success in life.